Thursday, October 14, 2021

A Rusty Corner

In the Woodland Garden, 
nestled between the evergreens, 
is a garden corner of rusty things. 
Things that were found while digging 
and cleaning the property. 
Things that were once useful,
in bygone years.

It's been a while in the making, 
this past Summer (2021),  and into the Fall,
we put together this corner of the garden.

It all started when I decided to make an orb
with the rusty bands from an old barrel. 

A stove plate used for the base.

Before garage pick up in this area,
things were disposed off on the land, 
in the woods, or the beach.
Over the years, I have cleaned up, 
disposed of a lot. 

We decided to display some
rusty finds on a slab-wall.

Old license plates have history 
stories to tell. Quebec 1976,
 Olympics in Montreal.
The year my son, Daniel was born.

It evolved into a rusty corner


Wheel things.

A spring vase

A galvanized bucket

Rusty things, lost in time.
Rescued and repurposed into "Garden Art"

Things that add focus and interest to the garden.

Somethings we found in the woods.

lost in time

I hope you've enjoyed this little 
tour of a rusty corner in the garden...

I'll be adding more as we
uncover more rusty junk. 

The shed in the back of the photo below,
belong to my neighbours.
My Dad built this shed many yrs. ago.
The first owners of this property,
 owned a CountryStore, in the 1960s-70s, 
and this building held their stock. 
My Dad had a sawmill and
 sawed logs into lumber
 for people and he was 
also was a carpenter.

The recent owners gave me
 the pathway in the garden.
They discarded an old sidewalk
 on their property and offered it
 to me, in large pieces.
 I will plant thyme
in the cracks and on the sides. 

From the Rusty Corner...


You can check out how I made the orb.

Thanks for your visit

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  1. Love are rusty corner, can't wait to find more rusty things. Great job Thel. Very cool 🤗💖💖

    1. Thanks Annie for all your help xo

  2. Oh, my----I can hear my dad say..., 'what do you want that junk for?'...and I would smile and say it was 'special', with the little quotes from fingers...and then I would go happily home with it all! LOVE your little oasis, and all the goodies...that rusty chain is amazing! Hugs, Sandi

    1. My brother said the same to me. After I finished it, he brought his family to visit and they loved the idea. Thanks for your visit. xo

  3. Thelma, your rusty corner makes my heart flutter! Just my kind of stuff. I especially love the rusty "orb" made from barrel staves which I have a number of hanging in my garage. I'd like to hear more about how you actually put it together. The whole display is just great and I wish it was in my backyard! Thanks for sharing this wonderful project!

  4. Hi Naomi. Thanks for your visit. I will do a blog post on how I made the "Orb". It's quite simple and easy.

    1. Hi again Naomi. I made a blog post on making the orb. You can find it here. Have fun making it. Thelma xo


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