Sunday, March 29, 2020

Part Two - The Paintings On The Walls - Years 2000-2009

I am continuing my blog on the beautiful 
  paintings at Richmond Regional High School. 

I walk passed the school almost daily
 and everything is locked up and looks deserted.
Different from the hustle and bustle of students
coming and going when we visited there, 
alive with life.

Our world is in turmoil with this Covid-19 virus.
 We are all in quarantine and self-distancing.

I am missing some photos in this blog post and
 will get back one day, when all of this is behind us
and retake the photos.

If you missed Part One,
click here.

My country Canada is bordered by United States.
The photo below is our flags combined.
In memory of another tragedy we've experienced
during Sept. 2001 when the Twin Towers at New York
were bombed by terrorist and many lives lost.

Photos of the Graduating classes.
I start with 2009 and descend.
Again, I apologize for the poor quality photos,
taken with my old Samsung phone.




The circle in the middle is the School symbol/emblem 

Missing 2006






Missing 2001 and 2000

Come back for my last blog,  Part Three.

A special one, 
My children's graduation years.

Stay home and stay healthy.

Thanks for your visit xo

For Part Three ~ click here.
years 1983-99.


  1. Strolling along the walls of the beautiful artworks was lovely, thank you. All painting are wonderfully creative. Let us hope that you can once again stroll along the path in front of the school and enjoy the laughing and friendly conversations of the students in the not too distant future.

  2. What a lovely stroll you took us on, lovely artwork. It must be so unusual for the area to be so quiet. Stay safe.

  3. Hi Thelma. I am enjoying all the paintings. Looking forward to more..Stay well..xxoJudy

  4. I am so impressed by the introspection of these young people. Thank you for sharing them, Thelma.


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