Saturday, April 11, 2020

A Gathering Of Eggcups

Update a year later:

I did this blog post in 2020, last year.
Easter is earlier this year. 2021.
It usually falls on the first 
Sunday after the full moon. 
The full moon was on March 24th.
We are still in the pandemic.
We cannot gather this Easter.
Hopefully next year it will be behind us,
when most of us will be vaccinated.

We cannot gather for Easter this year.
Our world is different.
We are spending Easter without family.

We have to count our blessings as we 
listen to the bad news, some
are not as fortunate as we are.

I am thinking of the senior homes in
our province,  that have been 
hit hard with this Coronavirus.

I've gathered some eggcups together.
To add some prettiness to this Easter day.
We have to reflect on good things we
enjoy in life. 
My collection and some from my sisters
Annie and Carol.

There are two types of eggcups, single and double.
The double can be used at both ends,
for hen's eggs, duck or goose eggs.

Milk glass

These are the oldest in the collection.
Canton ware ~ Made in England


The first one " Hotel Ware  ~ Made in England"

Wooden from the mid-20th century.

That's all folks.....

We had a Supermoon last week.

Have a Blessed Easter my friends,
on this 
Resurrection Day.

Stay safe, Stay well
 "no gathering"

Thanks for your visit xo.



  1. Wonderful collection!Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, Happy Easter to you also Louca. Stay safe

  3. What a marvelous collection, Thelma. I love how you have incorporated them into your pretty Easter decor.

  4. Beautiful Blog Thelma.Love all the egg cups and beautiful flowers. A wonderful display of egg cups on this Easter Sunday.💖 Love it all, keep them coming. 😁💖💖

    1. Thanks Annie for your nice comment.

  5. What a wonderful display. It was a delight to visit your blog today and see your amazing collection of egg cups. Take care and stay safe.

  6. Fun to see your collection of egg cups!

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  8. I ENJOYED YOUR BLOG it was wonderful on how you put them together thanks for sharing Carol

  9. I ENJOYED YOUR BLOG it was wonderful on how you put them together thanks for sharing Carol


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