Sunday, April 28, 2019

The Lighthouses Of Vancouver.

Last August, I visited my son Daniel
 and family, across Canada, in Vancouver.
I had a great two weeks, spending time
 with my two Grandsons, Louis and Jacob.

There were a lot of forest fires in B.C.
last year.  Hundreds of fires were
 burning throughout the province,
while we were there in August.

Poor air quality and a smoky haze
 prevented clear photos.

View from Daniel's home.

I am sharing two lighthouses, we visited.
One at Point Atkinson, in West Vancouver.
And another at Brockton Point, 
 in Stanley Park.

The light, a beacon in the night,
symbolizing safety and security,
 guided ships and boats for many years.

Each lighthouse has it's own
character,  history and legend.

The first one below is 
Atkinson Point Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built on granite boulders in 1914,
replacing the 1875 lighthouse.

To visit the lighthouse
we hiked The Valley Trail in
Lighthouse Park.

A beautiful trail along Burrard Inlet.

The most beautiful path,
I've ever walked on.

It was as if we were in "An Enchanting Forest".
somewhere in a fairy tale....

Tall tall trees.
Red cedars, Douglas firs...

Huge Woodpeckers here.

Louis and Jacob

In 1792 Captain George Vancouver,
 named this site Point Atkinson.

During World War 11, this station was used 
for surveillance,  on alert for enemy submarines or ships,
against a possible Japanese attack.
Fortunately it didn't happen.

Water for dogs and wildlife,
along the path.
(Spring water)

Our next Lighthouse is in Stanley Park,
a 1001 acre public park,
 bordering downtown Vancouver,
and English Bay.

Brockton Point Lightstation.

Built in 1914, replacing the first lighthouse in 1890.

An arched base with a walkway 
under the lighthouse

Beneath the Lighthouse


Clouds and smoke,
mostly smoke.

Flowers in Stanley Park

Cruise ship in the harbour.

The Seawall of Stanley Park.

Stanley Park Totem Poles

In the distance, 
we could see the Lions Gate Bridge,
suspension bridge, 
connecting Vancouver.

North Vancouver in view.

Thanks for your visit xo.

There are so many amazing sites to visit in 
this beautiful city of Vancouver.
from mountains, land and sea.

Other lighthouses I visited last year in Eastern Canada, 
where I live, "The Lighthouses Of Gaspé" click here. to view.


  1. I so enjoyed your story about Vancouver's lighthouses! Last summer, my son and his family, who live on the outskirts of Vancouver, were visiting and they were glad to get away from the smoke for two weeks. We have been to Vancouver three times and we've only seen Stanley Park in the wintertime. We would like to see it in the spring or summer but that will likely not happen as I can no longer travel. The Stanley Park lighthouse is unique in that you can walk underneath it. Vancouver was always a great adventure for us because it is so big and has such wondrous mountains which we don't have here on PEI. Thank you for sharing. Your photos are wonderful! Hugs...Sandi

  2. Hi Sandi. Thanks for your visit. Sorry to hear that you can't travel anymore. Is it because of your MS?
    I have been to Vancouver about 6 times and this was the first time for me in the Summer. I prefer the other seasons, It is very busy in the Summer with a lot of tourists. I have been at Christmas time, and we visited Stanley Park, beautifully decorated for Christmas.
    I understand why your son was happy to get away for two week. Some days we didn't go out because of the smoke. They were also in a drought. They hadn't had rain since Spring. All the grass was brown. I was happy to spend some time with my grandkids. They grow up so fast and we don't get to see each other as often as I would like.
    Take care.
    Thelma xo.

  3. You are the lighthouse master! (Mistress?) You should public a book of your glorious shots. I've never been to Vancouver but oh, these photos really stimulate the travel desire in me!

    1. I didn't plan to visit lighthouses when we went to Vancouver. It just happened like that. Last year was a year for lighthouses. We plan to visit New Brunswick this year in August. I will probably photograph more lighthouses. LOL.

  4. You were only an hour from where we used to live in Lynden, WA. We were often in Vancouver and it is still one of our favorite cities. Love Stanley Park, Queen's Park, False Creek, etc. Our oldest daughter lived and worked in Vancouver for several years and that was another reason to go there.

  5. I have visited Vancouver several times since my son moved there after he finished University. It's been around 15yrs. This was my first time in the Summer. I found it very busy and a lot of tourist and smokey. Vancouver is great city to visit. There's so much to see. We visited the Sunshine Coast 2 yrs. ago. I've also been to the Island a few times. Also the mountains are so beautiful, Whistler and Blackcomb. I've never visited False Creek. Maybe next time.

  6. I have heard that Vancouver is lovely and these pictures show that!! Thanks so much for sharing!!
    Tanks so much for your well wishes and prayers....Now I just need to concentrate on healing and PT..

    1. Yes Debbie Vancouver is an amazing place to visit. There's a lot of beautiful sites to see.
      Take care Thelma xo

  7. I just love lighthouses and am drawn to them. What a beautiful trip, amazing scenery, and building memories. Thank you for sharing with To Grandma's House We Go, I'll be featuring you next week.

    1. Thanks so much. I'm so honoured that I am featured with all your amazing link-up blogs.
      Thelma xo

  8. Two beautiful and unusual lighthouses, but I think I like the fairytale hike the best, so the lighthouse is a bonus at the end of a wonderful trail.

    1. Hi Jenny. Yes, I agree the lighthouse was a bonus at the end of a lovely trail. That's a good way to put it. Thanks.

  9. This looks like a lovely area of Canada! I have only ever been to Niagara falls and Quebec but love the look of that fairytale hike.

  10. What a lovely walking path and I love lighthouses. Those are beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home. --Jennifer


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