Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Royal Botanic Kew Gardens ~ London

While in London in September 2018,
we visited Royal Botanical Gardens,
 Kew Gardens,
at Richmond On The Thames.
These Ancient Botanical Gardens, 
 can be dated back, as starting in 1759.

We visited all the beautiful 
Victorian Greenhouses.
We saw a lot of pretty plants, 
palms, cactus flowers etc.
I have too many photos to share,
 I'm sharing some of my favourites.

The Iconic Palm House 

A lot of beautiful palms,
in a rainforest climate.

~ Kew Palace ~

A Palace at the Botanical Gardens.

Kew Palace is best known for being
 the home of George 111
 and his family. In 1803 George 111
 came here in his later life,
for the treatment of his mental and
 physical illnesses, accompanied by his wife,
 Queen Charlotte.

In the photo below,
Queen Charlotte and George111.

Some of their rooms in this old Palace.

Dark and Old...

The insulation....

An old Pipe Organ

They had 15 kids..
13 who survived to adulthood.
They included two future British Monarchs.
George1V and William 1V, as well as
Charlotte, Princess Royal, who
became Queen of Württemberg.
Prince Edward the father of 
Queen Victoria and Prince Ernest
Augustus, who became King of


 Waterlily House,
My favorite thing to see there.

The water is dyed black using a food dye to stop 
algae growth, plus it also makes pretty reflections!

 I was fascinated with these large lily pods,
which explains all the photos.

Giant Waterlilies from Bolivia.

A pod can weigh up to a ton.... 😬

Once a week, the pods are fed with feed bombs, 
made of loam, fish blood and bone.

So beautiful and impressive

Under the giant pod leaves.
Check out the beetle story,
in yellow below. 

The Great Pagoda
built in 1761 by Sir William Chambers
as a present for Princess Augusta,
the founder of the gardens.

We didn't visit inside.
 10 stories, over 200 steps to 
 climb, to the top, there's
 an amazing view of
London's skyline.

The Temperate House contains 1,500 plant species
from the temperate regions of the Earth.
Many of these plants are currently rare and
threatened the wild and some are on the
brink of extinction.

The Orangery Restaurant.

There is a huge Rock Garden on the grounds.

There are more that 2,000 
species of trees planted in
these gardens

I am sharing a few.

London Plane Tree,
popular all around London. 

The "London Plane" tree has leaves
 like maple trees with this huge nut.

Royalty get to plant trees.

Maidenhair Tree
I like the shape of their leaves.
We have these in Canada also.

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Monkey Tree.
I've seen some in Vancouver, Canada.

It doesn't look like our Red Maples.

British Columbia, Canada 
once gave a 68ft. flagpole,
the tallest in the world.
More info. in the black section
of the photo below.

Also while visiting Windsor,
we learnt that the flagpole on the 
Tower Of Windsor comes
from British Columbia,

One of many benches.

An amazing place to visit.
There a lot more to these
ancient historial gardens.

Thanks for your visiting my blog.💚

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