Friday, October 12, 2018

Windsor Castle - Britain

Last September, my daughter and I 
visited Windsor Castle and 
St. George's Chapel, 
 while on our trip to London.

From London we took the Paddington Station train,
changed at Slough, took the line train to
 Windsor Central Station.
The trip takes about 30 mins.
When you exit the station,
to my surprise,
Windsor Castle is right in front of you.

Windsor Castle is the oldest
 and largest occupied castle in the world.
Founded by William The Conquerer, in the 11th century.
has been home to the Royal Family for 900 yrs.
Today the Queen spends most of her weekends 
there and it's also used for ceremonial 
and State occasions.

The Royal Round Tower

The Castle Gates

On arriving, we walked around the Castle grounds.
The long road on the castle grounds,
that royal carriages use in special events.
total 4.5 km.... We did 1 km. 

Children from a kindergarten waiting
 to watch the changing of the guard.

People gathering

And here they are

They march into the Castle.

Queen Victoria's statue

We took the tour bus around Windsor, 
and visited the Windsor Farm Store,
at the far end of the property.

We passed by "Eton College" 
when Harry and William attended school.
Pic taken from the bus. not a good photo.
Eton College is a boys only, boarding school.

We are only 4 people on the bus.
We seem to alone visiting the farm.
Suzanne when visiting a place, has to
see every corner to it. LOL

On the road to the Windsor Castle farm.
Cows behind the fence.
They have a working farm on the property, 
with hens, cows, bees,  etc., and
 grow their own vegetables, etc.

It all takes place behind the fence.
The Castle is on 13 acres of land.

At the farm store.
The bus dropped us of and picked us up later.

All gated

All kinds of goods sold,
Open to public also.
There's a restaurant and tea room there also.
We stopped for a tea and scone.
Forget to take pics there.

Honey, bread, vegetables, pastries etc.
Their own beer and wine also.
I would have liked to bring back some honey,
We're not allowed food at Customs.

Suzanne, with a huge packsack, she carried all day.

We asked if any royals came here,
the salesperson said yes, Prince Phillip comes often.

Plants and flowers

All kinds of berries

Back to the Castle
We visited the State Rooms inside.
I cannot describe the beautiful things
 we saw inside the Castle,
with Gothic architecture
stunning chandeliers,
 Queen Victoria's paintings,
 a collection of the Queen's china,
beautiful carpets etc. 
We were searched before entering
under heavy security and no 
photos allowed inside.

Visitors are only allowed when the Queen 
is away during the Summer,
at her Castle in Scotland.
This is done to raise money,
to upkeep these huge buildings,
and pay the many employees who work there.


We did a lot of walking that day

The Tower and the Union Jack flag. ~ nice photo

I tried to make him laugh!

We visited the Round Tower.
 200 steps to climb up....
At the top, the flag pole was donated 
by Vancouver, Canada,
one of their tall trees. 
A different flag flies, when the Queen is home,
 and on special occasions.

Limited photo taking.
Only a few photos allowed, and
not the direction of the Queen's quarters.
Visits to the Tower are Aug. and Sept. only.
We were the last 2 accepted this yr.
Only 10 people per visit. 

Thames River

Part of the Castle from below

St. George's Chapel from the tower.

St. George's Chapel
10 Monarchs are buried inside the Chapel.
Henry V111 and Charles 1.
We visited inside,
 beautiful Gothic architecture.
 no photos allowed.
Suzanne at the side of St. George's Chapel.
Me - St. Georges'Chapel on the left and Windsor Castle 

The Thames River behind the Castle.

A taste of Royal ice cream!


Our exit to the train and back to London.
The train is 5 minutes away. 

The pic was taken earlier in the morning 
by the time on the clock.
The "changing of the guard"  was at 11am.

We were exhausted from all the walking and climbing,
 but grateful for a beautiful, delightful day.
a day to remember...

All photos taken by me and Suzanne.

Thanks for your visit xo

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