Monday, October 8, 2018

Kensington Palace ~ London

The last week in September,
 my daughter and I flew to London. 
We had an amazing week together,
visiting royal palaces, castles and a lot 
of historical sites in and around London. 

Kensington Palaces is divided in two parts,
 public rooms including the State Apartments, 
which you can visit, in the front of the building, 
 and a separate, private quarters, where members 
of the Royal Family live today.
Prince William and Kate Middleton live there.
For over 300 yrs. Kensington Palace 
has been residence to Britain's young royal families.

The public is allowed to walk on the grounds
 until 10pm in the evening.

This pic is the side view of the Palace.

My first view of the palace on our first 
evening in London.

The Pond
Swans, Canada Geese, Egyptian Geese
Pigeons and other fowls

Egyptian Goose

These doors are open during visiting hours daily.

Diana, Princess of Wales
lived 15 yrs. in Kensington Palace.

A flower garden in her memory.

Our visit inside the palace

Inside is a memorial for Princess Diana.

Kensington Palace. 

her gowns and other clothing on exhibition.
I didn't take photos of all the clothing.

Kensington Palace was the childhood home of Queen Victoria.
At 18yrs. old she became Queen and reigned for 63yrs.

Queen Elizabeth 11, her great great granddaughter, 
has surpassed her, the present Queen,
 is in her 65th yr. reigning. 

Queen Victoria died in 1901,
on the Isle of Wight at her Summer home/castle.

I've watched "The Crown" on Netflix,
so it was interesting to see these sites.

As you can see the blinds are all down,
 which darken the rooms,
We were allowed to take photos.....
NO flash allowed.
I didn't take pics of all the rooms.
There's a lot more.

This palace was build in the 1600
A lot of Kings and Queens lived here.

King George 111's bed.

I have a pot similar to this one below.
It is sitting in a fireplace there.

The famous staircase when Queen Victoria met 
her Prince Albert
and married him. (her cousin)

Queen Victoria's statue is in front of the Palace
and a lot of other royal building around London.

A pedestrian road going around the Palace.
Cyclist and dogs are permitted.

Behind the palace are these rich mansions.
Possible inhabited by royals.

Behind the Palace.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, 
Prince Charles and Camella, 
Prince Andrew and Fergie
 and other royals,
live in these mansions. 

Our hotel being in walking distance, 
we would take our walk after Supper to the Palace.

We had a great time
Great memories.
A trip of a lifetime.....

We had tea at the Orangery in Kensington Palace.
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