Friday, January 4, 2019

Tea At The Ritz

My daughter Suzanne, 
surprised me with a lovely 
Christmas gift.
 Tea at the Ritz Carlton,
in downtown Montreal,
So sweet of her.
I spent Christmas with her
and family.
We all went together for the tea.

Sorry for the poor quality
photos, from my phone.

View into the dining room.
We (5 of us) were seated on the left
and the very back.

We had our own private section
with 2 sofas and a table in the middle.

Finger sandwiches,
scones and pastries.
A large selection of our
choice of teas.

We couldn't eat it all.

Sweet Sabrina

Mirrored doors leading to a ballroom


My son-in-law, Martin,
Sabrina, Mathieu, my grandchildren
and Suzanne

I squeezed into this pic.

Part of me.

I'm intrigued by
 markings under chinaware.

The silverware.
(I don't know what the initials mean)

Some decorations

The Christmas tree was still up.
This photo does not do it justice.
The tree was beautiful. 

In the entrance by the stairway,
A family photo.

The Lobby

Out on the street and heading home.

Thanks you Suzanne for this lovely occasion.

I wish you Health and Happiness for 2019.

Thanks for visiting my blog xo.

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  1. Thelma,

    What a thoughtful Christmas gift. A precious memory with your family.

    ~ Kiki ~


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