Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Annie's Christmas Tree

I am sharing my sister 
Annie's Christmas Tree,
 decorated in shades
 of red this year.
A pre-lit frosted tree.

"The Christmas tree's a symbol of 
everything that's good.
Adorned in decorations with
 an Angel up on high.
With lights twinkling brightly
 like stars in Heavens sky.
A Christmas tree is a sign of peace
 and love for all mankind." 

Enjoy these photos....


The Teddies are patiently waiting
 for their spot under the tree.

The Teddy family has
 grown since last year.

Annie made this beautiful 
Manger years ago.
We must remember that
"Jesus is the reason for the Season."

The stable,  Annie made also.

There's a cat at the top of the ladder. 

The Angel.
Her light is working this year.


Zachary and Bethany, ~ 2012 ~ Annie's Grandkids.

Sweet Grandma, A gift from Grandkids. ~ 2011

Annie and Judy below.
Judy, always in our thoughts,
especially at Christmas time.

Little Putz cardboard houses 
~ circa 1940

Beneath the tree.

The Blue Hour - A magical hour.
The twilight period each morning
or evening, when there is
neither full daylight
nor complete darkness.


Poinsettias in a pot

Outside looking in.
Twinkle, twinkle.

Wishing you a Blessed Holiday Season,
filled with hope, health,
 joy, love and peace..

Thanks for your visit xo.

To view Annie's tree from last year
 in shades of turquoise click here.

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