Sunday, May 7, 2017

Visiting Montreal Botanical Gardens

Easter weekend,  I visited the Botanical Gardens in
 Montreal with my daughter and her family.

I've  visited the
Montreal Botanical Gardens
for many years.
Over the years,
the Elephant Foot Plant below,
 has grown into a beautiful tree.

A slow growing ornamental 
house plant in our region.
In temperate climate 
 it's an evergreen perennial tree.

The base of the Elephants Foot 

Below is my daughter Suzanne's
houseplant (Elephant Foot)
that she's had for 
approx. 15 yrs.

Other pretty plants.

Lots of sunshine...
This Greenhouse is the
"Sunlight Conservatory"

Tropical Rainforest Greenhouse

Below is a very large tree which covers 
a large area of the greenhouse.
As the sign above states this tree is a fake tree covered in cork.
Plants are attached to it which eventually grow roots into the cork.

Plants growing in the branches

Similar to a rainforest

 A Waterfall




Suzanne, Matthew and Sabrina

It wasn't easy to take photos
with the direct sunlight.


Have a seat!

A great way to spend your day.
In the Summer it is nice to take a picnic lunch
 and spend the day visiting the outdoor gardens.

There is a greenhouse filled with beautiful
Bonsai Trees. I did a separate blog on them.
To view, click Bonsai Trees

All pics taken with my Samsung phone.

Thanks for your visit 

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