Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Carmen's Garden.

While waiting for the snow to melt,
 I am looking back on photos of flowers from last year.
I am sharing a few of my friend Carmen's flowers.
Carmen has an English Garden.
 She is in her late 90's.  
Carmen really doesn't look or act her age.
(I should have taken a photo of her.)

Carmen is an inspiration;
an amazing and talented lady.
we share the same passion for gardening.
Many of my flowers came from her garden.

These are Iceland Poppies.
They are annual flowers that reseed themselves.

The path to her backyard garden,
on the left side of the path, is her succulents plant garden,
 amongst rocks,  she collected from the beach. 
Weather permitting, 
she takes a walk on the nearby beach each morning.

 The poppy pods contain seeds that fall to the ground 
and some of them grow the following year.

They are a double flower ~ so pretty. 

Below - around her composter, grows chamomile.
Chamomile  can be used as a herbal tea 
to serve various medicinal purposes.

A place to relax.
and enjoy nature.
A haven for birds and bees.

Below is the path to her greenhouse. 
On both sides is her herb/vegetable garden. 
that She takes care of herself.

A decorated flower pot.



A type of climbing vine below~ pretty pink flowers.
 I don't know the name.

I took these pics in the bright noon sun.
(not a good time to take photos.)

Carmen on the beach.

I hope you've enjoyed Carmen's Garden.

Thanks for your visit xo.

To view Carmen's Spring Garden click here.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing this link to her summer garden. It is so lush, full and beautiful. It's not wonder she loves being out there. Seeing her gardens has inspired me to keep working in mine.


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