Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Spring Fever

Spring is less than 2 weeks away.
I am sharing some pics of my perennial garden 
from last Spring, and a few from later in the Summer.

We have a short growing season
 in this region of Eastern Canada,
 the horticultural hardiness zone being 5a.

The snow should be all gone in a few weeks

 and the flowers will start peeking out of the ground,
signs of new life and new beginnings.

One of my first flowers to bloom is Lungwort.
 (Mary and Joseph)

This blue and pink flowered plant with
 speckled leaves make a great ground cover
 under bushes. (Under my roses bushes here.)
This photo is too dark.
 They are prettier than photographed here.

Tulips - the dark red plant emerging behind is Japanese Peony

 Forget-me-nots are welcomed, 
wondering throughout the garden.

Narcissus grow wild here or
maybe the previous owner planted a lot.

These Daffodils are so pretty,
 I must get more.
Did you know Daffodils and 
Narcissus are from the same family?

 Terracotta Pots--- an earth friendly pot...

"The Forgotten Pumpkin" 
It passed the winter in the garden.... good compost.

Fern unfurling- so graceful.  

I finally get bleeding hearts to grow.

Miniature sandcastles collection
I will do a blog post on these, this yr.

I start my Nasturtiums from seed

Do you see the forget-me-nots down in the ditch

Strawberries-  a plentiful crop last year.

Who wants "Snow In Summer"
We had enough this Winter.
A great plant for ground cover
 with it's pure white color.

Geranium magnificum,
purple cranesbill.

My Peonies did well last year.

I have a large collection of Hostas.
Low maintenance and great ground cover

Oriental Poppies so pretty 


Red Currants ~ great for jelly; alone 
or mixed with other fruit.
My grandkids love them.


This past winter has been milder 
than the previous year.
We didn't have any fruit on the 
apple or plum trees last summer.
The colder and late Spring
 had something to do with it.
We'll see what this year brings....

"Whoever makes a garden
Has oh so many friends:
The glory of the morning,
The dew when daylight ends,
And rain and wind and sunshine
And dew and fertile sod,
For he who makes a garden
Works hand in hand with God."
~Author Unknown

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