Monday, February 27, 2017

Longing For flowers

I'm looking though photos 
of flowers from last year,
The snow is melting and 
Spring flowers will soon
 be peeking out of the earth.

Most of my flowers are perennials.
I live in a horticultural planting zone of 4b.
Spring is late here.

I am sharing some photos from 
my flower garden of 2016.

Spring flowers - Signs of new life


Narcissus grow wild here.
I transplanted these from the woods.

 These tiny forget-me-nots wander 
throughout the garden in Spring.
The reseed themselves and pop up all over.
 Mostly blue, however, I do have some
in white and pink.

The little blue and pink flowers
 at the bottom right are
Joseph and Mary ~Lungwort.
My first flower to bloom
 in the Spring and the pretty
spotted leaves remain all year.
They are great under bushes
 or as a ground cover.

Nasturtiums, an annual flower.
I save the seeds and replant them each year.
To see more on this plant, 
check out my blog on

This is a  Smoke Tree. 
(Psorothamnus spinosus)
Risky for my planting zone;
But it has survived 2 yrs.
Has large puff balls of pink
which turn red in Autumn.

Below is a Tamarisk shrub.
I will trim it this year to make it thicker.
The trellis behind is for 
a climbing clematis vine,
growing behind the tamarisk.
Clematis don't grow well for me.
My clematis grew only a foot tall last year.

My flower of the year 2016
An annual plant.
I started from seed.
I was amazed at all the beautiful
flower varieties I had.


This little planter did well

Black Eyed Susans
My first year also.
I think they are a bi-annual plant.
I hope to see them again this year.

Red Bee Balm
Bright and beautiful.

Iceland Poppy

A bouquet for the table with peonies

This little area I've planted
   succulent plants,
"Hens and Chickens" 
and decorated it with 
ornamental stone and terracotta pots.


Japanese Peony

Duchess of Portland Roses
are plentiful in my region.
To see more visit my blog on:
The Roses of Gaspe.

Oriental Poppy



In the distance....

The last flower blooming in the Fall
and the most beautiful...


"Whoever makes a garden
Has oh so many friends;
The glory of the morning,
The dew when daylight ends,
And rain and wind and sunshine;
And dew and fertile sod;
For he who makes a garden
Works hand in hand with God."

~Author Unknown~

I hope you enjoyed your visit.
Thanks for visiting my blog xo


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