Monday, December 11, 2017

A Poinsettia Christmas Tea

December 12th. is National Poinsettia Day.
I having a Poinsettia Christmas Tea.
I set it up on my teacart.

 I'm using a set of 4 cups and saucers 
with this pretty side plate.
Royal Heritage

A poinsettia teapot,
a gift, 
from my sister Carol.

The tea is from Tim Hortons.
Orange Pekoe and Green Tea,
6 individuals sachets. 

Beaded coasters from Pier One Imports. 
in a cute bag from the Dollarstore
available in silver also.

A little side drawer
in my teacart 
where I keep my napkins

It wasn't a good day to take photos.
Too much sunlight.

On the other side of the teacart,
 A little towel hangs on a rack

Poinsettias are a traditional Christmas plant.
Native to Mexico.
December 12th. is National Poinsettia Day.

The plants are readily available in stores
and supermarkets in Canada,
 during the Christmas season.
They come in a variety of colours.
Red being the most popular.

Below are photos of fabric poinsettias
 used for decorating and  crafts.
I took these pics with my phone,
while out shopping on the weekend.

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