Thursday, October 23, 2008

Japanese Angelica Tree

A  deciduous tree with some of the most beautiful foliage you can imagine. 
That is Japanese angelica tree, or Aralia elata.
The foliage will enrich any garden and bring a quality of prehistoric lushness to it, with spiny branches  and yet Japanese angelica tree is hardy to Canada. 


In Japan, the shoots (taranome) are eaten in the spring. They are picked from the end of the branches and are fried in a tempura batter.
In Korean cuisine, its shoots called dureup are used for various dishes, by pan-frying the shoots covered with minced beef and batter.[2]

a beautiful tree....

the white flowers turn to seeds in the fall

The little white flowers that appear on the tree in the fall change to these seeds.
little trees appear in the grass in the spring.

The tree in November has lost its leaves and the flowers are hanging on making it look spooky...
All photos I took in Longueuil. 
The homeowner of this beautiful tree in all the pic above, has given me some small trees that I have growing on my property in Gaspe.

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