Friday, June 6, 2014

Mulching My Strawberry Patch

    Last Spring, I put Cedar Mulch around my Strawberries Plants,  this will

  1.  prevent the strawberries  from touching the ground;
  2. keeping the berries clean
  3.  stops potential bacterial and fungal growth from occurring..
  4.  A natural deterrant for cats , earwigs and ants.
  5. Cuts down on weeds. 
  6. Minimizes water use, retains moisture
  7. Improves soil quality as it decomposes.

I used Cedar Mulch,   ( Pine Needles or Straw can also be used)
My Garden is 3 years old and this year the plants look very healthy.
My Patch

I have Everbearing Berries
They generally produce fruit all Summer.

 This year I added Bounty

 Sweet Bounty is one of the most prolific (produces a lot of fruit) and sweetest strawberries available. 
This variety will produce a crop in late spring,  and have another crop in the fall. 

 Cleaning my Garden, earlier this Spring,
 I planted some "runners"  in Pots and put them
 in my Greenhouse and they are now in flower.
This planter will hang from my Balcony

 My Terra Cotta Strawberry Pot.

I used Natural Cedar Mulch

A week later....all in flower,  good

and later

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