Friday, October 31, 2014

The EyeBall In The ATTIC

                         The Attic Door                             

When I bought my old house, 

I was told a Ghost lives in the Attic
Her name is Christine.

She wears a long black dress.

She lived all her life in this house

A nice kind lady, a spinster.

Luckily for me I'm not afraid of Ghosts

Enjoy my little skit....A Halloween Story

     Upon Opening the Attic Door,
there is a Hand and an Eyeball....

The Eyeball and the Hand.....
It's  Christine, she lives in the Attic

Isn't she boooo-ti-ful

Isn't she boooo-tiful?

 The boooo-ti-ful ghost......
that lives in my Attic.

to be continued......
Next year, we'll go into the Attic.
 lot of spiders, cobwebs and bats..........

footnotes: My Dad knew Christine, she was a nice lady who lived in this house a long time ago.


Christine Greeted The Children Halloween Night
(An old doll I had for many yrs.) 

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