Friday, January 30, 2015

Soap Box Derby Races

Cascapedia St. Jules, is a small community 
on the Gaspe Coast, Quebec, in Eastern Canada,
at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountain Range. 
During their October Fall Fest Activities
One of the events is a "Soap Box Derby Race".
I am sharing  some photos
of the "50 Plus" Age Group Race Carts
I don't have pics of all the Carts
A lot of time and effort goes into
 these unique designed homemade carts.
And it's all in the fun
of competing against each other.

The Fire Department

The Hill of the Race

My brother, Jimmy on his cart,
 Lawrence with the black vest and 
Bruce with the orange coat.

A lot of thought and preparation  goes into these races
The 2nd gravel road is used for a service road.

This lovely cart was called "Dishpan Hands"
Great craftsmanship, imagination and skill 
goes into the making of these carts,

All lined up, ready to go

The Rat

Patrickton is the name of a road in the area

The race is on

They are pulled back up the hill by a ATV
These carts have no motor, they run by gravity


October 2012

The Starting Line

excitement...the carts lined up ready to go

 Lawrence's new model of Cart- The Fauvel Flyer
The Cat came back

BMR Hardware

Mr. Bean

My sister, Carol ( in yellow) and her husband, Peter across the street.

Rona Hardware

Bruce being towed back up the hill


New Carlisle held a Soap Box Derby.
From the Spec Newspaper

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