Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Tiny Garden

I made a Tiny Garden
 with pieces of  broken terracotta pots.
The plants have just been transplanted.
The garden will look better in a few weeks.

I used  plants from my garden, mostly ground sedum.

I filled in the stairway with moss

also the crack in the pot.

I used another pot for the stand.
Small pieces of broken pot,
were inserted for the stairs

A bottom from a broken pot behind the house.
"Hens and Chickens" in the small pots

"Snow in Summer" in the pot to the right.
This plant flowers white in July in this region

and should trail down the stairs....


The little house is terracotta.
On the bottom it is stamped
 "Ricard"... Le Saniton d'Art,
Marseille, France.

Garage Sale Find
(My photo is not very clear.)

"Chives" in the little pot beside the house.

 They will grow taller and flower blue
To the left is...
"Bethlehem Sage"  
one of the first plants to flower here.

When the blue and pink flowers are finished 

the plant remains green all summer 
with it's beautiful speckled leaves;
 a great ground cover under bushes/shrubs.

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