Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pretty Peonies

My Peonies are very pretty this year
and they smell so good.
We had a lot of rain in Eastern Canada
which gave us an abundance of flowers.

Do you see the ant?

Japanese Peony 

I took this pic in the window of my Greenhouse.

I used to have a white peony.

Last yr. I moved my peonies to another spot.
and gave some away.
Maybe, I gave it away by mistake.....

Peonies just before opening,

Blue Irises behind
The leaves on the peony
plant are beautiful also

and they stay green all summer.

Do not try to get rid of the
 ants on your peonies.

 This is a natural and temporary activity.
Once the buds open,
the ants usually disappear.

 It is believed that peonies produce
 small amounts of nectar 

and other ant attractants
to encourage ants 

to help in opening the
 dense double flower buds

 found in many peonies.
 The ants may be found
covering certain varieties

 and avoiding others,
 this is totally normal.

The ants are harmless. 
If you want to get rid of the ants, 
turn the flower upside down and tap gently.

The white wicker is an old bed headboard that
I hung on the wall in front of the window

 for a decoration

Peonies do not last long.
I am drying some this yr.

"Flowers have spoken to me more
than I can tell in written words. 
They are the hieroglyphics of angels, loved
by all men for the beauty of their character,
 though few can decipher even 
fragments of their meaning."
 ~Lydia M. Child~heart emoticon

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