Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Darkest Part of the Shadow, my niece's e-Book.

I am pleased to share my niece's e-book.
Available at
The story:

     Serafina Severn has felt isolated all her life in Lansdowne, as an only child to a single mother. She has been told she has a rare auto-immune disorder, and has been kept away from other people most of her life. The book opens during the summer of her fourteenth birthday, a time in her life when she is beginning to question the world around her; particularly the enigmatic Dr. Stanovich, who brings his young son to visit every Sunday. After discovering a shrine to a dead woman who looks exactly like her, she decides to find the truth about her connection to this woman. 

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A futuristic coming of age and adventure....

Caroline lives in Quebec, Canada.
Following in her maternal grandmother's footsteps, 
(My Mom) Caroline has always had a passion for reading,
writing and poetry, from a young age.

She has an English Literature degree from Bishops University,
and has done book reviews for the local newspaper company,
where she is presently employed.

Some of her favorite authors are
George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, Thomas Hardy,
Margaret Atwood, James Dashner, and L.M. Montgomery.
Her favorite books are psychological dramas,
science fiction, horror, young adult and adventure.
My Niece Caroline

I wish her great success with this book.

Thanks for visiting my blog and 
a special thanks to anyone interested in Caroline's book.
Also reviews and comments on the book would be
greatly appreciated on Amazon. xo