Thursday, June 2, 2016

A June Tea

June has arrived and I'm celebrating it with a tea.

I am serving Lemon Loaf with Blueberries.

Grab a cup and serve yourself.
Tea Pot, Cream and Sugar ~ Sadler, England.

The butter and candy dish ~ "Fire King-Canada"

The candy in the dish is.... Yogurt covered cranberries.
Lemon Loaf with blueberries.

I love this Sadler set. 

Royal Albert
Handmade tablecloth and doily~church sale finds...

The teapot has a cute flower on the tip.

Chinaware below: 
1. Delft Royal Twickel-Netherlands 
2. Royal Darwood, Expo 67~
(Canada's 100 yrs. celebration, 1967)

Ridgeway-Queen Anne

Royal Albert-McHawlmas Daisey-Sept.
Royal Albert

Have a great month of June. 
Thanks for visiting my blog. xo

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