Saturday, August 13, 2016

Summer Flowers

Summer is coming to an end, sadly.
Days are getting shorter and evenings cooler.
Children are returning back to school.
I am sharing more of my summer flowers.
A follow up from my
Summer Garden Tour,
I posted a few weeks ago.

Love Lies Bleeding or Amaranths
planted in an old barrel
I started from seed.

Tansy - grows wild in this region.

Black Eyed Susans

Iceland Poppies started from seed and 
planted in front of the old hayracker

~The Backyard~

 Pump on a Stump.
5 large maple trees had grown together
and were cut down last Fall.
To view how they were cut, click here

Helenium and golden marguerite daisy, 
pretty growing together.

Another part of the stumps my sister Ann
made a "tic-tac-toe" game
 with her painted rocks, 
lady bugs and bees.
Sorry Ann, I set the game up wrong. 
The red lady bugs cheated,
 there's too many.
 I will replace one lady bug 
with a yellow bee. 
And retake the photo 
after the rain stops.

A repurposed old clock
I used as a decoration on this stump.
 "the hands missing in thyme." 


"Hens and Chickens" succulent plants, 
have a little spot in the front garden.

 A great ground cover and 
low maintenance plant.
I have many varieties.


great for teas

so pretty and bright

Lovely Lady's Slipper Orchids
15 slippers on this one plant.

Duchess of Portland Roses
Plentiful in this region
For more on these beautiful roses,
click here.

Smell so nice....

can be invasive.

An old teapot missing the cover is
 repurposed for a birdfeeder.

A Nautical Spot
Things I find on the beach.
Suzanne painted the little lighthouses.

Thanks for your visit. xo

Just living is not enough... 
One must have sunshine, freedom, 
and a little flower. 
~Hans Christian Andersen~

Thanks for your visit.


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