Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Garden Tour

July has ended.
Summer is passing by too fast.
I am sharing some photos 
of what's been happening around 
my flower garden, this summer.

Red Lilies in the rain.
We've had a lot of rain in
Eastern Canada in July.


Pink Iceland Poppy



The red pump surrounded
by Golden Marguerite.


Apples - I will have apples this year.

Unlike last year.

Golden Marguerite or Yellow Camomile

These flowers I found  growing in the ditch
and transplanted them in my flower bed last Fall.

During the evening and night,

these flowers sleep, they droop.
The one below is late awakening.


I don't remember the name of these 

cute little puffy flowers below.

Red Currants

Below - Pumpkin Blossom,

looks like a in the early mornings.
Then they evolve into pumpkins....
If the deers don't eat them.

The Pumpkin Patch

Below the pretty flower is the blossom of blackberries.

For the first time this year I will have blackberries. 


Dedicated to my sister-in-law Hellen.

Astilbes- also called paint brushes.

I also have red and purple astilbes.

More photos to come later....

Thanks for your visit. xo


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