Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Roses of Gaspé

These wild roses,
Duchess of Portland roses, 
 grace the countryside here in
 the Gaspé during the month of July.
They are plentiful this year because
 of an abundance of rain.
I am thinking the salt air must attribute 
to their growth and beauty. 
Also they smell gorgeous,
with a lovely strong sweet scent 
filling the air around them.

Duchess Of Portland

These heirloom roses originated 
in Britain and are named after
 The Duchess of Portland, (1780)
a bibliophile, (collector of books),
patron of the arts and also a
 plant collector.

My backyard

 ~ One misty morning~

Makes nice lovely scented bouquets.

When the roses are finished flowering,
the flower turns into a seed pod that
 looks like a small crabapple in the Fall.
Rose "hips", the fruit of the rose,
has many purposes, from herbal teas,
soaps, potpourri, to medical uses
with many health benefits.

I dry some buds and petals for potpourri.
Place them on a tray on paper towel to dry 
 naturally, for a few weeks, (not in sunlight).

Small mesh bags available at the Dollarstore.
Or, place in a bowl in the bathroom for a nice scent.

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