Monday, November 21, 2016

For the Love of Victorian

I saw this beautiful Victorian
 pitcher and basin 
at a garage sale.
It looked pitiful with the broken handle.
The owner said she had the three broken pieces 
and if anyone was willing to try to repair it,
  They could have it.
Since I like all things Victorian, 
I rescued this beautiful pitcher
and basin and brought it home with
hopes that I could repair it.

I bought some glue for porcelain.
I glued the handles pieces together and 
let it dry a day, before
attaching it to the pitcher.
The cracks can slightly be seen in the handle.

After a day, I glued the handle to the pitcher.

There are a few nicks in the handle that 
I will touch up with paint for glass.

The basin is so pretty.

After doing some research,
I found it was identified as:
Victoria Ware Ironstone Flow Blue

There is a large statue/monument with a man
holding something in his hand.
What and where could that be?

Men with hats on horses

Coat of arms on the bottom
 "Victoria Ware"

For the love of Victorian......
Have a great week everyone.
Thanks for your visit. xo

All pics are my sole original property