Monday, January 9, 2017

A Winter Tea

It's a cold wintery day, 
with lots of snow on the ground.
I'm having friends over for afternoon tea.
I've baked Winter Cupcakes
and Coconut Snowballs.

The sunbeams are welcome with
the cold weather we've been having.
It was -23C (-9 F.) yesterday.

My sister Annie painted the sleigh
which holds the gold deer.

I had been looking for a white teapot 
to do a "Winter's Tea" and thanks to my 
sister Carol who found this lovely set
 at a church sale.

The plaid plates and cup comes from Korvette store.

Chocolates, Coconut Snowballs and Winter Cupcakes
For the recipe of my coconut snowballs click here.

The teapot, creamer and sugar ~ Gibson, England.

Thanks for your visit xo...