Saturday, April 8, 2017


 I was in Vancouver visiting my family
 last month and I am sharing 
some pics.

B.C. Place Stadium

Vancouver is a beautiful city 
False Creek is a inlet in the heart
 of Vancouver that separates
 Downtown from the rest of the city.

Science World
Educators conduct after-school programs
 in designated inner-city schools to 
inspire at-risk children to become 
passionate about lifelong 
science and technology learning.

I spend an afternoon there with my Grandkids.
Jacob and Louis

Jacob made this with only sticks and elastics.

 There's always a lot of construction
 happening in Vancouver.

One of my favourite grocery stores.
T  and T
An Asian Supermarket in Metrotown.
Tons of fruits and veggies

A large selection of sea food

Everything is so neat and well displayed
A large selection of prepared food

Live Turbo
A lot of live fish

Thanks for your visit

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