Friday, April 21, 2017

Bonsai Trees

I visited Montreal Botanical Gardens
with my daughter and grandkids,
during Easter weekend.
I am sharing photos 
of beautiful bonsai trees
 they have on display.

A lot of years and dedication go into creating a bonsai tree.
An art form using trees grown in containers 
that are trimmed to appear as a miniature of full size trees.

Bonsai can be created from nearly any 
perennial tree or shrub, that can be trimmed 
to remain small through pot confinement 
with crown and root pruning, 
preventing it to reach it's normal size.
A Chinese tradition that has spread worldwide.

Japanese Maple.

Maidenhair Tree 
Ginkgo Biloba
45 yrs. old

Wintercreeper Euonymus

Flaky Juniper

Chinese Elm 5 yrs.

Japanese Maple

Taiwan Trident Maple
95 yrs. old

Japanese White Pine ~35 yrs. old

Japanese Maple ~ 40 yrs. old

Thorny Elaeagnus ~ 40 yrs. old.

Chinese Peashrub ~ 40yrs. old.

Grenadier Pomegranate
 ~ 85 yrs. old ~

Japanese Maple ~ 45 yrs. old

Cork Bark
Japanese Black Pine 
~ 45yrs. old ~

Chinese Elm
~ 85 yrs. old ~

Chinese Sweetplum
~85 yrs ~

Cork Bark 
Japanese Black Pine
~ 55 yrs~

Trident Maple
~ 45 yrs ~

Maidenhair Trees
~15 yrs ~

Chinese Elm 
~ 65 yrs old ~

Chinese Elm
 ~ 110 yrs. old ~ Wow!

Chinese Hackberry
~ 55 yrs  ~


I identified some of the trees. (hopefully correct). 
These trees are on display in one of the large Greenhouses.

I will return and visit the Japanese Gardens nearby, where
there are a lot of other varieties and older bonsai trees displayed.

Thanks for your visit. xo

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