Tuesday, December 4, 2018

An Afternoon Tea with Cardinals

It's a cold December day.
I'm having a cup of tea while
watching the birds outside on the feeder.

I'm using a red cardinal tea cup.
We've been blessed with a Red Cardinal bird
at the feeder recently.
It was quite a surprise because
 cardinals don't usually come
this far North/East in Quebec, Canada.

 Cardinals are frequently believed 
to be spirits from Heaven,
a message from a love one who passed.
My sister Judith passed two year ago,
She loved and collected red cardinals.

Cranberry Lemon Loaf

A small Sadler tea pot 

I  took a photo of the cardinal at the feeder.
It is not a good photo.
I was so excited I didn't take time to focus,
in fear he would fly away and no one
would believe me that a cardinal came to our feeder
so far out of his territory. 

I use an old granite teapot for a feeder.

I hope you enjoyed my story and
thanks for the visit. xo

To view more birds at my feeder click here.

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