Monday, December 9, 2019

Christmas Dishes

It's a few weeks until Christmas.
Time to take out the china and
 get ready for some Christmas teas. 

I love this Sadler poinsettia pattern.

I have 2 sizes of teapots.
The larger one above and
below is a smaller one.

Vintage Cranberry Glass
(Victorian-era glass)
I use the sherbert dishes for desserts.
They are so colourful.

tea infusers

A vintage poinsettia tablecloth

Behind is a birch tree that I decorated 
with homemade "Seaglass Ornaments"
If you missed this blog, click here. to view.

My sister Annie made the cone tree below, 
also the beautiful wreath of vintage baubles.

I have been busy baking.
I baked two dark fruit cakes.
My first time ever, making fruit cakes.

My Mom used to bake them every year
 and mail them to us,  after we moved away. 

Enjoy this Blessed Christmas Season.
filled with Hope, Love and Joy.

Thanks for your visit xo.


  1. Thelma, I thoroughly enjoyed this post! Everything is so pretty and festive! I have two of your teacups, December and the cardinal. I also have four of the sherbet glasses and four of the wine glasses. I collected them years ago when I first got married. I also have the goblets, tumblers, and my brother gifted me with the large punch bowl with eight punch glasses, all in the cranberry rimmed glass. I love that glassware. It is perfect for Christmas but gorgeous for anytime. Your fruit cake looks good too. Thank you for sharing your lovely post with us.

  2. I love seeing everyone's holiday teacups! Like Sandi, I have the cardinal teacup too. I also have a couple of the Sadler poinsettia teapots (1 big, 1 small), but mine have a smooth design (not swirly).

    I also like the baubble tree and your blue floral kettle.

    Thanks for the visit!

  3. What a delightful tea table you have set, Thelma! I will be right over to share tea with you!!

    Did you make your wreath? It's gorgeous.

    My husband has fond memories of a fruitcake he had every year growing up. It wasn't his mom's recipe, but that of a family friend. For a few years, he and my son enjoyed making it together. Then, after son moved out, he and I started doing it together. It's yummy. Yours looks delish!!

    1. Hi Patti. You are welcome over any time. I would enjoy tea with you. My sister Annie made the wreath. Thanks for your visit.

  4. What a gorgeous table with the Christmas cakes and that beautiful tree! I love your china. I've made one of those wreaths before -- they are tricky. Yours is lovely!

  5. WOW! So pretty and festive! Your fruit cake looks amazing!

    Happy Wednesday!

    1. Following your lovely blog via GFC.

      Have a great day!

  6. Oh my goodness, you go all out for Christmas . . . It would be delightful to be invited to one of your teas. Everything is beautiful.

  7. OMG your tableware is fantastic:-)) I love all kind of cups, plates, teapots and yours are simply beautiful:-)))

  8. Hi Thelma. Wow, you really have some beautiful tea cups and pots for Christmas. I have never had an actual Christmas tea pot and every year I say I'm going to get one, but haven't yet. I love the cone tree with the shiny balls. I made a couple with jingle bells but they aren't as pretty and showy as yours..Have a wonderful Christmas time and Happy New Year..xxoJudy


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