Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Pickle Tradition

A fun family tradition
to play with children 
and grandchildren. 

2017~ Mathieu found it. The tuque is his gift

A glass pickle is hidden in 
the branches of 
decorated Christmas tree.

On Christmas morning, the child
 who finds the pickle, receives an extra
 gift and good fortune for the following year.

I usually spend Christmas with
 my daughter or son's
family and grandkids,
and we have fun with this
pickle tradition.

Our first pickle and the first time
 we were aware of this tradition,
 we bought our pickle at 
"the late and great" Pier One Imports.
Sadly these store have closed up.

These pickles are available at
 Canadian Tire Store, 
Target, Walmart, etc.

 2011- Mathieu hunting for the pickle

Sabrina searched  also.


 Mathieu found it.
The tuque on his head 
was the prize he got

"The Pickle Tree"
I took this pic below, 
at Disney World Florida -  German Store
Glass pickles are sold there also.
It's claimed that this tradition
 originated in Germany.

F.W. Woolworth Co. was the first
 store to import this type of decorations.

Wow! look at all those pickles!!

2016- Sabrina found it!

Sabrina and her basketball

It's the little things....

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Merry Christmas Everyone!



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