Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Christmas Pickle

A Pickle Tradition

A fun family tradition to play with
 children or grandchildren

Mathieu with his prize, a tuque -2016

A glass pickle is hidden in 
the branches of a decorated Christmas tree.

On Christmas morning, the person
 who finds the pickle, receives an extra
 gift and good fortune for the following year.

I usually spend Christmas with
 my daughter or son's
family and grandkids,
 and we have fun with this
pickle tradition. 
(Not this yr. (2020)
the Covid-19 changed all that)

Our first pickle and the first time
 we were aware of this tradition,
 we found this pickle at Pier One Imports  
and thought it would be fun to
 play this with the children.

Sadly Pier One stores have
 all closed up here in Canada.

These glass pickles are available at
 Canadian Tire Store, 
Target, Walmart, etc.

2012~Mathieu searching for the pickle,
on Christmas morning.

The Christmas pickle tradition is 
believed to have started in Germany.

Woolworth Co, was the first company 
to import this types of decorations.

Sabrina searches also.

2012~Mathieu finds it. - 
The gift he received is the tuque on this head.
(another tuque. Mathieu loves tuques)

"The Pickle Tree"
I took this pic below, 
at Disney World Florida -  German Store.
Glass pickles are sold there also.
The sales person told us that this tradition
originated in Germany.

Wow!! look at all those pickles!..Mathieu

Christmas 2017

Sabrina found the pickle!

Sabrina got a basketball.

it's the little things in life....

Christmas will be different this year.
I will miss visiting all the stores 
and their beautiful Christmas decorations
with Christmas music playing, 
and mingling with people.
Also most of all, not visiting family.
It's not the same, shopping on line. 
Stay home and stay safe.
Let's Hope a vaccine will change all that
and next year, we'll be back to "the way it was".

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