Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Annie's Hearts

I am sharing my sister Annie's felt hearts.
Annie did most of these last Winter 
as a pastime.

ℒℴνℯ *´ℒℴνℯ *´ℒℴνℯ *´ℒℴνℯ *ℒℴνℯ *´ℒℴνℯ *´´ℒℴνℯ ´ℒℴνℯ *´

She did 25 in all.
                                 for each Season

and every Holiday

To photograph, I placed them in groups on the table.

Christmas and Winter

Mothers & Fathers Day, Easter and St.Pat's Day
Canada Day, and Sunny Summer Days
Butterflies and Bird Houses
 Golfing and Canoeing
 Leopard Prints, Vegetable Garden
And I love the sewing one with all the details
 Birthdays and Teas, how nice!!
 Halloween and a Turkey for Fall
Gotta love the turkey....

 A Valentine Vignette
ℒℴνℯ *´ℒℴνℯ *´ℒℴνℯ *´ℒℴνℯ *ℒℴνℯ *´ℒℴνℯ *´´ℒℴνℯ ´ℒℴνℯ *´ 


Annie's daughter Linda & son-in-law Ted.

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  2. Anonymous2/07/2023

    Wow this is a beautiful blog you did a great job of organizing the VALENTINE'S and congratulations to Annie for the good work making them


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