Thursday, September 28, 2017


I am sharing photos of my hostas.
Some I've had for many years.

Hostas are low maintenance perennials, 
do well in the shade,  a great ground cover,
come in many varieties, sizes and colours 
and with it overlapping leaves
adds glamour to any garden.

In Flower

In the Spring, as they are starting to unfurl,
it's magical...

Hosta is a plant we can plant and forget about.
It becomes more beautiful as the year go by.
If is gets too big for it's space, it can be divided
early in the Spring or in the Fall.

Light Green/Yellow

In the Spring

An assortment under a tree


Green and white


Round leaves, green trimmed in yellow 

Green trimmed in yellow
and white

Small Blue

Large blue ~ Big Daddy

Miniature blue

Green trimmed in white

Grow nicely under a tree

Hostas look great in Spring, Summer and Fall.

Curly Leaf Hosta
Flowers starting to appear

 In Summer Hostas start to flower
In the middle of the plant 
spikes of flowers that resemble 
lilies in shades of lavender or white.
Some flowers are fragrant and 
attract hummingbirds and bees.

Big Daddy

After being hit by Frost in the Fall.

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