Saturday, September 16, 2017

September Flowers

Summer has come to an end.
The light, sunshine days and heat
are winding down

Although Autumn flowers
and trees are spectular with color
at this time of year.

Enjoy my little Garden Tour

Rudbeckia are so bright and colourful.

My Powderpuff Hollyhocks
have done well this year.
I started them from seed last yr.
and they flowered beautiful.

I planted them beside my old hayracker
This photo was taken earlier in the Spring.

Camomile have done well this year.
They reseed a lot.

BlackEyed Susans


 Echinacea ~ Cone Flowers

A close up

White Phlox are starting to flower

Smoketree after the rain is so pretty

Gooseneck Loosestrife
has really spread this year.

Tiger Lilies
An heirloom plant
From my Grandmother many years ago.

So bright and colourful

Red Day Lilies
A closeup,

I don't know the name
of this type of Sunflower
they are pretty...
A great ground cover
and low maintenance.

I live near the Baie des Chaleur
One day while walking on the beach,
I came upon this piece of beachwood.

Eyeing Annie.

After a few days of thinking about it,
I convinced my brother, who has a truck,
to get it for me. It's approx. 8 ft. long.
Luckily it was still there.
High tides didn't take it/him out in the deep ocean
or he could have become a victim of a bonfire.

I think he looks at home in my garden below.
Don't you?
I've named him SeaBiscuit.
I'm hoping that SeaBiscuit will scare of the deer
that come into the garden and eat the hostas
and other flowers.


 I hope you've enjoyed my garden tour.
Thanks for your visit xo.

Thinking of everyone
who have experienced these tragic
hurricanes down south. 
God bless you all.

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