Saturday, August 1, 2015

Bye Bye July - A Blue Moon

July has ended
with a Blue Moon.
The second full moon in a month
 is called a Blue Moon.
It has nothing to do with the color,
it is not blue.
The occurrence happens about every 30 months.
We were fortunate to have clear skies
for part of the evening in Eastern Canada
to see this
big, beautiful and bright supermoon.

Low in the sky
Do you see the moth?
I took this pic from an upstairs window.
I was unaware of this moth 

on the outside of the glass.
 when taking the pic.
The moon glowed beautifully, shining
on the waters of the Baie des Chaleur... 

A road sign got into the way. (above)
In the next pic

the moon is going under the clouds.
However, It did come out later, 
it was so bright it lit up the living room.
I am surprised how well this pic turned out.
My camera is a simple Power Shot by Canon.
I didn't use a flash on the last pic.
Some music videos to enjoy:

Elvis sings "When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again"

"Blue Moon"
I love this one
Blue Moon in Kentucky - Kurt Russell (Elvis)

I wish you all a great summer (the rest of it)
thanks for your visit.. xo
all pic are my sole original property