Saturday, August 22, 2015


is a perennial plant
 with beautiful feathery flowers,
in shades of white, pink, lavender, 
 red ...............and shades in between. 

I planted mine on the north side
 of the house because they prefer shade.


Astilbe attracks birds and butterflies

White  ~ nice fragrant ~

Red ~ Bright and Beautiful ~

Astilbe grows from 6 inches to 5 ft.
 - depending on the variety.
There are 20 different species.

 A low-maintenance plant.

I will divide some this yr. and 
plant them in other places.
 They look nice with Hostas.

also deer resistant ....

Ligularia divides them on the corner
looking through the Ligulaira,
Astilbe behind..

thanks for your visit xo

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