Monday, January 29, 2018

Beach Art

While walking on the beach
one Summer's day,
We came upon these beautiful
painted driftwoods.

Such an unusual colourful surprise.
A delightful work of art.

The paint used is waterbased.
Eventually after high~tides,
It's washed away.


Expression Libre ~Free Expression

Such imagination!

A talented artist.
I love how this face is created.
Such beauty

~L'Effet Mer ~ The Effects Of The Sea~

~Soleil de Mer ~The Seas's Sun ~

My Favorite

Driftwood Talent

One never knows 
what we'll find on the beach.

I hope to come upon more of this beautiful artwork.

Bonaventure Beach

There are 4 faces in this pic. Can you spot them?

Washed away, with tides and time....

Thanks for your visit xo

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