Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dog-Sitting Pinot

I dog-sat Pinot the first week of January,
while my daughter and family 
were vacationing down South,
enjoying the beach and warm weather.

Pinot is a Goldendoodle dog.
Goldendoodles are a
a crossbreed between a Poodle 
and Golden Retriever. 
A well behaved dog,
very affectionate,
 gentle and loving.

Pinot is 2 yrs. old 

I gave him the crocheted afghan 
for a Christmas gift. 

It was a week of blistering storms 
and cold frigid temperatures.
Pinot loves going outside for walks.

We walked on the walking path, 
 between the cross country 
ski trails.

On this day, It was snowing and -21 C 
I took a selfie.

Playing with a Poodle friend. 
He has many dog friends in the region.

 A lot of well groomed walking trails here.

Pinot hunting for squirrels in the snow.
Suzanne says,  he found one once,
and pulled it out of the snow.
The squirrel was dazed for a minute
before running away.

I enjoy 
the calm and stillness of Winter.

A weeping willow tree.


He's watching the door.
I told him his Mommie, Suzanne,
was on her way home.

I enjoyed my week,
watching "The Crown"  a TV series 
on the Royal Family and
history of Britain.

And I did some baking 
for my Grandkids to enjoy.

Thanks for visiting my blog. xo