Tuesday, July 24, 2018

After The Rain

We had rain today.
A much needed rain.
It's been very dry here.
The grass has turned brown.

This evening I went outside with 
my camera, and took some pics.
I love the sweet smell after a rain.

Orange Day Lilies

Welcome to the Jungle.
Is he earning his keep,
scaring away the deer?



I have a large variety of Nasturtium colours this year.
I've never seen this one before. 

Aphids are eating my nasturtiums flowers,
on one plant.
I sprayed with dish detergent and water,
hoping to get rid of the problem.

Another new colour.

The backyard.
I have deer coming to eat the apples
and new growth on the trees.
I put a flashing light in the birdcage hanging.
Maybe this will stop them?
Or slow them down?
Probably not......

This pretty Poppy is from seeds, 
 from the Royal Canadian Legion.
 I planted them a few years ago, and 
each year I have a few flowers that return.


Egyptian Star

A good year for ferns.

Goat's Beard

Loraine Sunshine




Red Lilies

God's Beautiful Creations!

How I rescued SeaBiscuit, click here, for the complete story.

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