Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bonaventure Beach

I am fortunate to live in a part of the world with Beaches.
 (Baie des Chaleur)
 on the Gaspe Peninsula .

"Nothing soothes the soul quite like a walk on the Beach"

Bonaventure beach, .
The buildings on the right are Chalets for rent.

There is also a camp ground nearby.
I took these pics at low tide in the Fall. 
Tourist fill this beach in the summer.

Above: At low tide children enjoy this Island.
 (The strip of land in the water) 
My grandkids named it Starfish Island. 
They search and find Starfish under the rocks 
Sun glistening on the water
In the Fall, strong winds dirty the beach with Seaweed

There is a nice marina here with lots of sailboats.

Lighthouse and Dock in the distance
Calm Waters today

A beautiful day for sailing on the Bay.
 New Brunswick across.

The town of Bonaventure in the distance

 Inukshuks  left behind

Me enjoying an afternoon walk at the beach

Treasures of the Sea 

 Monarch Butterfly

Sabrina and Mathieu in the distance.

gotta love their hats.-nice stairway behind.

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