Monday, May 26, 2014

Vintage Evening Clutch Purses

     The idea of the clutch purse originated in the Victorian era with the reticule, a decorative bag in which a proper lady stored her handkerchief and smelling salts. Reticules then went out of fashion, but came back with a roar during World War II when rationing demanded that things be smaller and women struggled to simplify their lives. After the war, the clutch purse became the evening bag of choice for elegant women everywhere. Sometimes made of Lucite or Bakelite, or silk, satin or brocade, the clutch purse could be tailored to match your dress and shoes and finish your look to perfection.

here is my collection:
If these purses could talk....of the enchanted evenings...

Made in Hong Kong and there is an address S.T.L.  5 15 Hankow Rd. Hong Kong

info. on tag inside

"Romeo and Juliette" I love Tapisestry. Victorian Era.
The initials " JR"  inside with Royal Colored Lining

"Evening In Paris" Made in Paris, France 
Black Satin

1920s Art Deco Steel Mesh by Whiting and Davis

Vintage Beaded with a Beautiful Chain

Fait exclusivement pour Geo. Mercier Montreal

Beautiful Black Mesh Art Deco with Silver Chain

A Special One....I bought in Vancouver for my son's wedding 2006.
Paid under $10.- Made in China...

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