Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Easter 2022


I spent Easter this year with my daughter,
 Suzanne and her family.
I hadn't been to her home in over 2 yrs.
I had a great weekend. 
A highlight of the weekend was
 visiting the Botanical Gardens in
Here are a few of my photos.

This huge plant (or tree) is an Elephant Foot.
(beaucarnea recurvata)

The photo below I took during
 my last visit to the botanical gardens,  in 2017.
Some branches on the left side have been cut off. 
Actually, it appears nicer in this photo below.
There must have been a reason to cut those
branches off. 

A slow growing plant from the palm family. 
This must be a very old plant.

Suzanne has this plant.
 I took a photo of her Elephant Foot.
She's had it for about 25 yrs.

More photos from the Botanical Gardens:

Some orchids

Lots of lilies
A spider Lily below.

And tropical plants

Tropical fruits


Annie and the cactus
Behind is a beautiful Jade plant/tree.

Truly a beautiful place to visit.

My sister, Annie

In a Rainforest Greenhouse

Suzanne and Sabrina

Lots of hanging moss.

Chinese Elm Bonsai
70 yrs. old.

Japanese Cherry Tree in bloom
30 yrs. old.

Flaky Juniper
45 yrs. old.

Elephant Ears

Lots of ferns

We walked outside.
It was very cold with the 
occasional snowflake falling.
The outside gardens were 
being uncovered from Winter.

Suzanne in
The Chinese Garden.

It's much more beautiful in the Summer with
 flowers etc., also beautiful lily pods and water life.

I like this rock display below showing types
 of ground succulents and thymes.
It must be beautiful in Summer,
when in flower.

If you are a plant and nature lover,
I suggest you visit these beautiful
gardens, when in Montreal. 

Suzanne cooked a delicious Easter supper

We had turkey and vegetables.

Pouding Chômeur, 
(Maple Pudding) for dessert.
A white cake pudding with
 maple syrup sauce.
Suzanne made it in her Crock-Pot,
with extra dark maple syrup.
It was delicious.


I had a great weekend.

In 2017, we visited an exhibit on butterflies.
Click on this link to view.
These butterflies are at the Botanical Gardens
 for a limited time, then gathered up and
 taken to another city for exhibition.
I don't think they had them this year.

If you like trees, 
check out this large selection 
of Bonsai Trees. In 2017,
 I did a blogpost on some
at the Botanical Gardens.
 You can visit it here;

This year there weren't as many. 

Thanks for your visit. 


  1. I'm so glad you were able to visit your daughter, Thelma -- that IS a long time. (I love her china!) The botanical garden looks like a fabulous place to visit. Wonderful photos and gorgeous flowers. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever see flowers bloom again!

    Thanks so much for coming by today!

  2. Thelma, what a beautiful place to see. It must have been such fun to see your daughter after such a long time. I haven''t seen mine either for awhile. I grew Elephant Ears some years ago and they were beautiful, but not nearly is exquisite as the ones you saw..Happy Monday..xxoJudy


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