Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Highbush Cranberry

This bush is plentiful in this region of Quebec, Canada.
An attractive shrub/tree that grows in wooded areas in 
most cooler regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
Not a true Cranberry although the berries are very similar in taste and texture.
They are edible, and can be used with other fruits in pies and jams. 
Because of their beautiful foilage and easy care, also fast growing, 
 I have transplanted some on my property to enjoy

Very Attractive Tree/Shrub

In Spring, these pretty while blossoms adorn the shrub
The leaves are similar to Maple Leaves .
Some Florists use these flowers in arrangements

In Fall, these bright red  berries appear
Bird adore these berries

In the Summer, take a woody cutting, 
dip it in rooting compound and 
then plant it in a light soil.
 Leave it in a spot with indirect light
 until it shows signs of growth.
Seeds from the fruit take 2 yrs. to germinate.
It's faster to take dig up some small shrubs
and transplant them. 

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