Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring in Gaspe 2015

Spring is late this year in Gaspé
After a long winter of record breaking snow storms and cold
We are still getting snow...I have been away from
the region the last 4 mos. 
I came home last weekend, anxious to see my garden, 
do some cleaning and planting. I will have to wait probably
another month before that will happen.

This is the end of April, we usually have no sNOw 
at this time. On the brighter side, 
Mother Nature may give us a beautiful Summer.
I am sharing some pics.


High winds caused huge snow drifts.

Would a fire in the stove melt all the snow.. .....LOL

The trail in the woods
 Blown down trees were cut to be used for wood.

    Overnight we had more snow
I could hear "snow plows in the night"
(I thought I was dreaming)
When I opened the curtains this is what I saw...

 There is a shortage of food for the birds 
in this

 region because of the snow covered ground.
 Migratory birds returning from the south
 are arriving to find snow hiding the bugs 
and berries they usually feast on. 

The Mourning Doves are back again this year.

This lovely couple return year after year.
I name them Dave and Doris.

I also have Blue Jays.
There is one in the feeder

There are many kinds of birds here, 
including red and yellow finches..
they are so pretty...God's Creations...
The fact that I live near the highway,
(too close) the traffic doesn't seem to scare the birds.

Returning Home

The drive home ~780km. (approx.500miles)

I enjoy the ride home, not only
because I am going home

 but also because of the
picturesque beauty of this province

Below is the Matapedia Valley
Beautiful in any Season.

Routhierville Bridge

The Matapedia River

New Brunswick in the distance.

I am looking forward to Summer
and posting pics of my flowers
and garden...

Thanks for visiting xo


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