Sunday, July 10, 2016

How to Wash Strawberries

I am sharing a great way to
 wash strawberries. 

Hull strawberries,
(Remove the stocks of the strawberries)

Fill a bowl with cool water

Place a handful of strawberries in the water
 and swirl them around.
The strawberries will float on the top of the water 
and all the dirt will sink to the bottom.

Immediately remove the strawberries, as

strawberries are like a sponge and absorb water.

Place them in a strainer or colander to drain.

 Check out all the dirt in the water
 After draining the strawberries,
 I place them on scott towel and
 blot them to dry throughly. 
They are now ready to enjoy, 
 freeze, bake up your favourite dessert 
 or make jam with.
My favourite is mixed with rhubarb.

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