Friday, July 1, 2016

Sabrina's Graduation and The Girl Guides of Canada

My  Granddaughter, Sabrina,  has graduated
 from elementary school
 and will be entering High School this September.
I am sharing some photos of her Graduation.

Sabrina with her brother Mathieu.

 Me and Suzanne
Sabrina and her very tall teacher.

Below ~ My grandson Mathieu and 
Martin, a great Father and Son-In-Law.

 The class
Below, Sabrina at the microphone, 
she had a singing part, from Adele's  ~Hello~

The Yearbook
Classmates each autographed the back of a T-Shirt.

St. Mary's School- in Longueuil, Quebec
The only school in the English School Board,
 offering both French and English Immersion program.

Sabrina is in the Girl Guides .

She will be in the Pathfinders next year.

Lady Baden Powell from Britain was a major contribution to the development of the Guides/Girl Scout movements. She was  elected World Chief Guide in 1930. As well as making a major contribution to the development of the Guide / Scout movements, she visited 111 countries during her life, attending Jamborees and national Guide and Scout associations. (source Wikipedia)
Other pins and metals 
The Girl Guides was established in 1928 in Hungary and has it headquarters in London, England.

Congratulations Sabrina and 
good luck in your future adventures.
We are proud of you. xo

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