Sunday, August 14, 2016

Wonders Of The Woods

A walk in the woods in August.

The sounds of birds singing and chirping  
the fresh scent of evergreens, spruce trees,
 hemlock, cedar, juniper etc.  fill the air.
Finding berries and other wonders of nature.

One of my favourite things to do.

Sun shining bright
Lots of raspberries
Grow under a bush, low to the ground.

Could these be elderberries,
 I found growing in the woods this year?

Can anyone identify this berry/plant.
The 3 leaf tells me that maybe it's toxic.
Another shot of this pretty plant

I am not familiar with mushrooms in the woods.
Some are edible, not this one.

 Ornamental grasses

 Just a few of the many wonders of the woods.

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