Sunday, February 19, 2017

A Sunny Table

After a harsh winter with lots of snow,
we haven't seen the sun a lot.
Today it is shining and it has warmed up
to 6 degrees C. (42 F.)

I gathered some yellow dishes 
to welcome the sun,
and set up my little table...

I found this teapot below
 at a Thrift Shop last week. 
The cover is missing.
It is Japanese Nathco Edenware.
circa 1900-50
It would make a pretty vase.

The cake plate is my sister Annie's
from Macy's New York - Martha Stewart Collection

Hand painted

A newer teapot below

The flatware below is in a Sadler ginger jar.

Fancy identification marking under each cup.~

Roses design on the old flatware

Just living is not enough... 
One must have sunshine, freedom, 
and a little flower. 
~Hans Christian Andersen~

Thanks for your visit xo

All pics are my sole original property.

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